lundi 3 décembre 2012

Kacem Zoughari à Kyoto

Je recopie un message paru sur la liste électronique H-Japan :

Upcoming event at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan
Nichibunken Evening Seminar on Japanese Studies (173rd Meeting) December 6, 2012 (Thursday), 4:30 P.M.-6:00 P.M.
Speaker: Kacem Zoughari
Topic: Common Points between the Classical Martial Art of Japan and the European Art of Fighting
Language: English
Place: Seminar Room 2, International Research Center for Japanese Studies, 3-2 Oeyama-cho, Goryo, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 610-1192
URL: <>

This presentation will focus on one of the very important aspects of using the body, namely the bio-mechanism in what is known as koden-bujutsu (classical martial art) in Japan. Research based on transmission writings called densho and various other documents passed down between master and disciples are used by the speaker to explain how the body and weapons were used in the past. For this presentation, the speaker will focus on the common points he has discovered in the use of the body in European and Japanese classical martial arts.
About the speaker:
Kacem Zoughari received his Ph.D. from the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations in Paris. He became interested in studying the culture of Japan because he wanted to gain a deeper understanding of classical martial arts, especially ninjutsu. His research has been primarily based on aspects of Japan’s classical martial arts, including history, military history, relationships between master and disciples, transmission modes, and weaponry. He has published numerous books and articles (French, English, and other languages) dealing with classical martial arts and ninjutsu and works as a security consultant for the army and police forces in various countries.

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