jeudi 15 août 2013

Photos du jour : le Japon en 1896

Le Musée Getty a rejoint depuis peu le mouvement du Libre accès.
Parmi ses trésors, un album photographique en français, qui a appartenu à G. Prat.

Voici la notice du Getty :
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1 album (139 photographic prints) : albumen, hand-colored 32.4 x 38.8 cm. (photographs 23.7 x 29.1 cm. or smaller).
Physical Description:
21 photographic prints : albumen 21.2 x 27.1 cm. or smaller, some on mounts 26.8 x 20.7 cm. or smaller.
The album contains 109 views of Shanghia, Canton, Macao, 11 images of a Chinese theater group, and 19 hand-colored photographs of Japan. The 21 loose photographs includes seven photographs of Canton; eight images of a theater troop in Asia; and five views of sites in Rhone Valley. The photographs were assembled by G. Prat, a Frenchman who lived in Asia between 1878 and 1896. The album and accompanying photographs are heavily annotated. Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagasaki are a few of the cities featured.
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Chine-Japon photographic album (
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Digital images and files saved from this website should be suitable for most purposes.
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The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles.
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 p. 92-93
Vues panoramiques de Kobe

Lac Biwa

p. 104, Vue d'Osaka

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