mercredi 24 février 2016

Rencontres académiques belgo-nippones (message de l'ambassade de Belgique au Japon)

Je recopie un courriel de l'Ambassade de Belgique au Japon:

Dear Sir/Madam,

2016 marks the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Belgium. This anniversary presents a unique opportunity to celebrate the high level of cultural, economic and personal exchanges between our two countries. Events organized by the Embassy and various partners will be taking place throughout 2016; please consult our website and join us! (

This landmark anniversary would be incomplete without also celebrating 150 years of close academic relations between Belgium and Japan. It is within this spirit of celebration that the Embassy would like to invite to a convivial gathering in June 2016, all Japanese students, alumni, professors and researchers with connections to Belgian universities or other institutions of higher education, and all Belgian university students, professors and researchers currently in Japan.

As our first step to ensure the success of the occasion, we are asking for your collaboration and participation to help us collect the contact information of all potentially interested persons. 

-          To be added to our list yourself, kindly fill out the simple form at the following address (
We will then send you further details and a formal invitation as the date of the gathering approaches.
-          If you know anyone with an academic connection to Belgium and Japan who may also be interested in this event, please do not hesitate to forward them this email. All interested persons are welcome to use the form in order to be added to the list.

We thank you in advance for your kind help, and are looking forward to celebrating the Belgium-Japan academic relationship with you!

Best Regards,

Christophe de Bassompierre I Minister CounsellorEmbassy of Belgium in Tokyo
5-4 Nibanchō, Chiyōda-ku, Tōkyō 102-0084



こ の重要な年は、日本とベルギーの学術交流を記念する年でもあります。つきましては、両国が築いてきた緊密な学術分野での交流を祝し、今年の6月に大使館に おいて懇親会を開催することとなりました。ベルギーの大学、あるいは大学以外の高等教育機関で現在活躍している、または過去に関わりのあった留学生、卒業 生、教授、研究者の方々、そして日本に滞在中のベルギーからの留学生、教授、研究者の方々をお招きしての催しになります。


-          大使館の招待者リストに登録をお願いいたします。次のアドレスの簡単なフォームにご記入ください(。

-          日本とベルギーの学術交流に留学や研究など、なんらかの形で関わった方をご存知でしたら、その方に当案内メールをご転送ください。懇親会に参加を希望される方は、どなたでもフォームに記入し招待者リストに登録をすることができます。


Christophe de Bassompierre I Minister Counsellor
Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo
5-4 Nibanchō, Chiyōda-ku, Tōkyō 102-0084

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