mardi 8 janvier 2013

Article du jour: 風知草:レ・ミゼラブル

Je ne résiste pas à signaler un article de Takao Yamada dans le Mainichi Shimbun.
En voici le début et la fin :

「国土強靱(きょうじん)化」にせよ、原発回帰にせよ、「矛盾はカネで解決」の復古調はもはや通用しない。選挙で自民党が勝った以上、経済さえ上向けば何 をしたっていいはずもない。「レ・ミゼラブル」の人気は単なる娯楽作品のヒットにとどまらず、国民意識の変化の底流に触れていると私は思う

'Les Mis' popularity a sign of a shift in public consciousness

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, 58, took a breather over New Year's by watching the film, "Les Miserables," at a cinema in Roppongi with his wife, Akie, 50.
Whether it's "the strengthening of national territory" or a reversion to nuclear power, the anachronistic method of resolving all inconsistencies with money is no longer acceptable. Winning the election does not mean the LDP has the mandate to do whatever it wants as long as the economy sees an upward shift. I believe the high acclaim for "Les Miserables" is not just a matter of the film's entertainment qualities, but an indication of an underlying change in the public's consciousness.

 La liste des cinémas qui projettent le film est ici.

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